Thursday, December 13, 2012


HEY! At my friend Sydnee house.. i like going to her house.....We get to chill-out!:) Here she is i'll se if she'll say something.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just one of my everyday life!!!

Hey!!! Today was Tuesday which means back to school!:( But I guess it was a good day!!!=) I pretty sure I did good on my science project!!!:) After school I went to my friends Sydnee's house!!! FUN!!!:) Then my dad came to get me !!! I got home and went to play outside with my cousin Paizlee!!! :)) Then I came inside and then I started righting about my everyday life, on my awesome blog!!! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey! Sorry haven't wrote in a very long time.... Today I went to school it was okay! :) I like my teacher Mrs.Neuschfer !!! I've have got to meet a lot of new people this year!!! Well like a couple of weeks ago one of my teachers assigned my whole class a project!  You had to make a plant cell....And it had to be editable... I'll post a pic of it when I'm done!!! My  parent's helped me!! :) ( Thanks mom & dad)
Okay this summer I didn't do to much but I did get to go to Chicago!!! It was super fun!!! I seen a lot of cool stuff!!! I'm like super bored right now! And don't know what to talk about!:( So i'll just post a pic! Of my science project!!!:))

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hey everyone! Sorry I have not wrote in so long...Well Spring Break has just pretty much ended we had a great time! Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday we just laid around doing really nothing.. But on Thursday Trenton me and my cousin Paizlee were all outside we were playing with some water balloons it was totally fun.

We had a great time on Friday we went to Huntsville to drop Trenton of with some of his friends.So me and my parents went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants witch is Red Lobster it was so good. Yesterday, my baby cousin Rowen came over and my aunt Jessie and my mom went to Belks so it was just me dad and my baby cousin..It was fun keeping care of him..He is so adorable I love him so much.. Today, me mom and my dad went to Belks because they were having a big sale.. That is pretty much what I did for my Spring Break!!! BYE!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My bedroom!!!!

Well - I've been home from school for two days now with what the Dr. said was a ear infection in my right ear. Almost another one in my left ear :( BOOO! One good thing that's keeping my happy is Mr. Whiskers. My early Christmas present from mom and dad!!! We all love him. He is such a good dog. I'm so thankful I got him! He stays in my room with me and I'm like his momma. He loves for me to hold him.
I know this was last July... but I wanted to put my new bedroom on here. I couldn't before because we didn't have a camera cause lighting hit our house and it destroyed moms camera. Anyways this is my bedroom. It was my birthday present from my parents. I got to pick out almost everything in it. Mom and dad painted my walls dark gray and my dresser and bed black. Mom add a few surprises in it from HobbyLobby. I also had a new wall TV but you got it.... lighting got that too but I think I'll be getting another one soon!
Hope you like it???
Love, CeAnna